January 30 to january 30 horoscope

Make time to connect with your higher self. Make a conscious effort to do away with the ego—with all that is false. Growth requires a certain a degree of isolation, but discomfort is something you are no longer afraid of.

Your daily horoscope: January 30

Sensitivity is a gift, Virgo. So open up to the divine downloads. Allow yourself to trust the wise woman within who has been guiding you for years, and stop dismissing the voice that tells you if and when something is wrong. For some, this could be a time of connecting with fellow lightworkers and witches. Share the knowledge you have gathered over the years and illuminate the path for each other.

We live in a vibrational Universe, Libra. The energy you put out there has a direct impact on your world. Continue to vibrate at the frequency of peace and harmony. Trust that things on the home front are about to take a turn for the better.

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On the work front, this is a time to pause, to catch your breath. Realign with the path.

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Trust the law of karma, Scorpio. Trust the mysterious forces above that are working in your favour. If somebody is trying to cross a line or harm you in any way, they will be taken care of. In other words, karmic justice will be served. If you have been fighting a legal battle for some time, the verdict will be in your favour. Keep doing good to the world. A clear conscience is the best gift you can give yourself. If not now, then when? Slowing down is the answer, Sagittarius. Let introspection be your power word. Spiritual pursuits are also taking centre stage. For some, this is a time of connecting with a mentor or guide.

You know what you need? Eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. Okay, make that ten! A crash and burn is inevitable if you continue to push against the flow. Socialize and network and you will make connections that will lead to relationships that will help you personally and professionally. Take a step back and talk to someone you admire and respect. Getting a unique perspective on a situation you face will give you the insight you need to make a decision.

What you discover will inspire you to make changes to the way you live or handle people who are too demanding. Your happiness depends on what you do with this new outlook.

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Keeping the peace will not buy you the freedom you want. Speak up and make choices that will help you reach your goals. Stick to tried-and-true friends who offer stability. Romance is highlighted. If someone wants to take a risk, walk away and do your own thing. Take action and start something that will help you build a strong base for something you want to pursue.

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Physical fitness, emotional wellness and romance are encouraged. Protect against a broken heart, ill health and emotional manipulation.

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Birthday Baby: You are industrious, original and outgoing. You are clever and helpful. Tonight: Do not hesitate to say what you feel and think. The person presenting this issue or who is involved with you in it might not have all the facts. Be positive, yet do your research as well.

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You might be more comfortable as a result. Tonight: Stay close to home. Keep reaching out to a family member or neighbor. This person generally is available, yet you might have a problem unearthing him or her today. When you discover what is happening in this person's life, you will understand his or her unavailability. Trust that he or she will get to you. Tonight: Visit a favorite haunt. You might seem to have it together and be in control. However, that appearance often is just that. Stay patient. Use caution with your finances, and wait for someone to come toward you.

You have already extended yourself sufficiently -- according to you! Express some of your vulnerability more often; others may become more sensitive to your needs. Tonight: Pay bills first. Your energy proves magnetic to many people. You do not have to do much to accomplish what you want. A conversation around personal matters will clear the haze around a certain issue. Do not avoid the other party or this conversation. Tonight: Accept an invitation; you will enjoy being out. A matter might not be as it seems. Someone is holding back some facts or refuses to clarify a misunderstanding.

You cannot force this situation. Instead, you need to let it go. The other party probably will fill in the blanks when you seem to lose interest.

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Play hardball. You are going to need it. You might surprise yourself and enjoy a meeting that was booked as a serious matter. You have an opportunity to speak and share with one of your friends whom you do not see often enough.