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What's the Forer effect?

It is not known why people tend to make such misjudgments, but the effect has been experimentally reproduced. Exposure: Many types of personality test or divination work at least partly due to the Barnum Effect.

It was first demonstrated using personality descriptions taken from horoscopes, and it is likely that most of the seeming accuracy of astrology is the result of this effect see French et al. However, some popular psychology has also been shown to be the result of the Barnum Effect, for instance, the Rorschach ink blot test.

When confronted by a seemingly accurate description of your personality, ask yourself whether it isn't the case that the description is true of most people. Explanation of the Experiment: Did the results of the "Spectranality" experiment seem to accurately describe your personality?

What Is the Barnum Effect (Forer Effect)? - Explore Psychology

Did the characteristics appear to be tailored to you, personally? If so, you have just experienced the Forer effect, also known as the Barnum effect. The characteristics were taken from a "universally valid personality sketch" created by D. Paterson, as cited by Forer in his paper on the effect p. Simply put, people will believe any vague, generic set of personality descriptions of themselves if it appears that those descriptions come from a reputable source. Actually, the apparent source doesn't even have to be that reputable, though tests falsely labelled scientifically valid tend to produce a stronger effect.

If you don't have one of those at your disposal, you can still see the effect with horoscopes and fortune cookies. In the true Barnum effect experiment, subjects take a bogus personality test that produces a set of vague and even self-contradictory statements such as "you can be outgoing at times but at times you can also be shy. There's no way to disagree with a Barnum-type assessment, but hardly anyone ever perceives how silly it is, especially if they've just answered a item personality "test" that they are told will provide unique insights into their innermost qualities.

Only when the deception is pointed out do most people realize that they were suckered into believing this false analysis.

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It's odd in a way that the effect which in itself is based on a stretching of the truth is itself based on a misquote. Leaving irony aside for the moment, let's see what's going on with the Barnum effect. Later I'll talk about how you can avoid becoming a sucker yourself. One reason that people fall for the Barnum effect is that the feedback given in the typical experiment is so generally worded that there's practically nothing to disagree with. The statements are phrased in terms of two diametrically opposed possibilities: "you can be both X and Y" or sometimes, X "but" Y.

Psychics at times will use such statements at what they call cold readings in which they know absolutely nothing about you and so they start with something you'll definitely agree to be true. Here's one I picked up from the Skeptic's dictionary : "At times you are extroverted, affable, sociable, while at other times you are introverted, wary and reserved. Often people read their own meanings into Barnum-type pronoucements and this is another reason that we believe in them. If we're looking for a reason to be cheered up, we'll read the message as containing hope and if we're feeling a bit down, we may seek to confirm our worst fears.

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This is what happened in mythology to King Croesus from the phrase "rich as Croesus" in the 6th Century B. To guide him in his decisions, he sought the wisdom of the famous seer, the Delphic Oracle. Known for her Barnum-like predictions, she at times could be maddeningly vague. However, when he sought her prediction about the outcome of a possible battle with the Persians, he was pleased with her response: "After crossing the Halys, Croesus will destroy a great empire.

It turned out that the empire he "would destroy" would be his own. There are three reasons why the Barnum effect, as amusing as it is, has a dark side. First, there is the risk of that you will throw away your money on useless mind-readings. Second, you may actually be given poor advice. If you make a life-changing decision on the basis of Barnum-type information, it won't take a fortune cookie to tell you that "bad things happen to people who believe liars.

The honest but perhaps boring or unwanted advice you get from someone close to you just might not seem as appealing as that of the supposed expert who relies on a few splashy waves of the hand. Since the Barnum-effect is so prevalent in our society, what steps can you take to avoid being duped? Here are four suggestions:. Knowledge is power.

Properties of Barnum / Forer Effect Statements

Don't believe these obvious sources of false information. Look for evidence of validity. It probably wasn't necessary to tell you about 1 above, but here's one that really matters--psychometrically valid personality tests must go through years of rigorous screening. While it may be fun to take a self-test in a magazine, keep in mind that these not only are usually too brief to do any good, but typically they have no scientific basis. Read between the lines. Look for those tell-tale signs that you saw in the cold psychic reading.

Is a statement broad enough to encompass all people in all situations?

20 statements true for all of us - Barnum Effect !

Trust the professionals when it comes to important assessments. Mental health professionals receive years of training under highly supervised conditions. In order to provide assessment services, many also must become licensed. The Barnum effect won't go away anytime soon. You can even download a fortune cookie Facebook application. Yes, Barnum is here to stay. The moral of the story is that we can all be suckers- or at least some of us can some of the time. It seems you focus in this very interesting post on the vagueness and all-encompassing nature of statements.

But, to be honest, most people are well aware that horoscopes and the like you find in papers don't really work. Where the danger comes in is in the further tricks that belong to actual live psychic meetings - with cold reading. The audience will interpret things in a way that they fit.

That is something different than the Barnum effect that on wikipedia is called "Forer effect". A main further trick for the psychic is then the speed: The good stuff whatever hits the spot is remembered by the audience while all the ambiguity, wrong guessing and similar things are forgotten simply because you cannot process all these at the time. The result: You go out of psychic readings feeling like the person really knew something - without realising that you put most of these information in the psychic's mouth and either gave information directly or interpreted things into the right way but remember them as if the psychic said it.