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Horoscope Today, Astrology October 9, Shah Rukh Khan woos Twitter with his wit. What would you AskSRK? South Delhi water supply to be affected on October Asim Omar, Al Qaeda's Indian subcontinent commander killed. Sri Lanka's ballot paper with extraordinary length of over 2 feet: EC. Man-wild conflict: Humans and Lions share Savannah harmoniously.

Sanjay Kapoor's comment on Ananya Panday's dress triggers Insta war. Bipasha Basu shares pictures from her first 'Sindoor Khela'. Athiya Shetty and KL Rahul papped on a dinner date. What's cooking? Harbhajan backs Ashwin to break his Test record. And, due to this, you may suffer from deceit and mischievous activities from those who may be jealous of your righteousness and justified approach.

Your opponents or enemies may try to fetch information from you during cordial conversation and later on use it against you. In addition to this, the strong Jupiter may also cause you to be a bit skeptic or touchy, specifically if Mars or Ketu is having relationship with Jupiter. And, the possibility of being not able to devote required time and space to your spouse or children is a bit more prominent in Sagittarius Ascendant.

The possibility of having extra-marital relationships is also a bit more prominent in Sagittarius Ascendant. Any type of vices or unethical activities on your part may deteriorate and damage the positive attributes of Sun and Jupiter. Besides this, you may also suffer from anxiety and depression leading to sinful or illegal activities. Given above are some of the basic traits for Sagittarius Ascendant people; and the disposition of other planets, divisional chart, dasa and transit may also have their respective say in modifying the results.

For personal astrology report on your horoscope; you may consult via following link to get online horoscope reading and astrology consultation. Click here to get personalized vedic astrology readings for your horoscope. Venus is exalted in Navamsa and is in Pushkara Navamsa. How is Neech Bhanga Rajyoga panning out? Impact on career? You may take paid consultancy for such concerns contact horoscopeastrologer.

Besides, it is not possible to examine these concerns over here and without having a look on the overall planetary dispositions of the horoscope. Please can you suggest on the combination of Budh 20 degree, Shukra 12degree and Shani 18 degree in the seventh house of Dhanu Lagna. Appropriate conclusion can only be drawn with full horoscope for which you may take paid consultancy via contact horoscopeastrologer. In case, Mercury is well disposed in your navamsha under auspicious influence via union or aspect from Jupiter, Sun or Mars and safe from any negative planetary influence — then, you may expect moderate not significant but average or just above average results of Bhadra Yoga during Budh Dasha.

Hi sir my name is Ridhi Bansal. My birth details are 23rd December am Delhi. Will I get married to him or my parents will find a match for me. Our actions and decisions can not be preidentified by horoscope; and, it depends upon the individual concerned to decide. I can only offer my observations about the suitability and compatibility of this match; i.

If you are okay with this, you can send an email at contact horoscopeastrologer. My rashi is scorpio and dhanu lagna but it has a strong venus in taurus sign in 6th house, also moon in 12 and rahu in 2nd house. So this placement of venus is bad or worst. Appropriate conclusion can only be drawn with full horoscope birth details for which you may take paid consultancy via contact horoscopeastrologer.

Apparently, the disposition of Venus looks strong occupying its own sign but afflicted aspects from Rahu and debilitated Moon ; thus, mixed results of Venus both good and bad may be there. If Venus is not combust and well disposed in Navamsha, the intensity of bad results may be less while the positive results may be comparatively more.

Hi Sir, I belongs to dhanush lagna with Guru and Budha in 4th and 7th houses own houses and Kuja, Budha and Moon are combined in 7th house, and I am currently running Guru mahadasha -Moon bhukti and my marriage got delayed, So Guru-Mars period will be gud for me for marriage and Mars is exalted in my Navamsa and its the 7th lord of Navamsa. Pls reply. So, there is something more which you have not disclosed deliberately or inadvertently.

Like, if Mercury, Mars and Moon united in seventh house of your Lagna Chart are combust or otherwise; or like if Jupiter is clean or under influence of some inauspicious planets; or, whether Saturn is suitably disposed or otherwise; or like, how is the support from ninth house ruled by the Sun; or like, if Venus is well disposed or afflicted or combust etc.

Therefore, appropriate conclusion can only be drawn with full horoscope analysis for which you can take paid consultancy. Whether Sukra mahadasa will be good for sagittarius ascendant even if sukra is placed in 11th house libra with budha????? Also if saturn is placed in ascendant whether ones marriage will be delayed even if venus dasa since venus karaka for marriage is going on?????

Appropriate and detailed analysis is only possible with complete birth details for which you may take paid consultancy. Apparently, the placement of Venus Shukra in eleventh house is good since it is placed in its own rashi and, therefore, capable of promoting the traits of eleventh house like income, gains. Generally, such Saturn is capable of causing delay in marriage specifically when the seventh lord Mercury is weak or disturbed. The disposition of these planets Saturn and Mercury is to be seen in Navamsha also. And, if you like, you may take paid consultancy for the same. Does mars combust in the 10th house affect for Dhanu Lagna?

Mars is a friendly planet for Dhanu Lagna; and, thus, its presence in tenth house is good. The strength and placement of tenth lord Mercury may also have a say. If you like to have more detailed personalized readings, you may take paid consultancy via contact horoscopeastrologer. Sir, Can you please throw some light on the effect of Saturn Mahadasha for Dhanusa lagna.

If Saturn is placed in 10th house along with Jupiter. Can we conclude that it is a good combination. Since Jupiter is looking at Lagna. Or we will have to analyse other planetary placement. In second house four planets are place namely Venus, Rahu, Sun and Moon. And Ketu is in 8th house Kark rashi. Regards Ajay. The role of other planetary dispositions can not be ruled out though. Like, if Jupiter becomes debilitated in Navamsha, the potency of its aspect in the Lagna Chart may get diluted.

Just read your blog while researching on astrological indicators for divorce specially for a dhanu lagna horoscope. You may take paid consultancy in this regard and email me at contact horoscopeastrologer. Namaste Rajji, How are you? I had contacted raj sir in when i was very much in pain,i had asked him one question sorry i cant disclose it here,but he had given apt answer for it and now it is vey much happening. Just drop me an email at contact horoscopeastrologer. I have guru with mangal in Dahnur Lagna. Ketu in 12th house with Venus. Saturn, Mercury with sun in 11th house that is in thulam.

Moon in kanni that is 10th from lagna. What u think about my spiritual life. I am married but least interested in grihastha life. I like prayers, Bhajans. Professional Experience Summary:? Ensure that all inspections are executed efficiently and expeditiously in order to comply with the master construction schedule. Method Statement preparation, submission and approval from client. Site inspection, respective documentation and control. Prepare and issue of non-conformance reports. Responsible for liaising, coordinating, advising and instructing the Managerial staff and all matters relative to Quality Control at site.

Establish, implement and maintain all the site quality control, technical and any computer integrated control systems. Assure all technical documents relative to site quality control are at current status. Prepare detailed records and reports at all inspections conducted at the site and maintain the quality control documentation. Establish and conduct regular quality control meetings with the subcontractor. Correlate, prepare and issue the weekly field inspection.

Evaluate specific inspections and sentence the results with the subcontractor. Test package identification, review and verification. Co-ordination of testing activities along with Project Engineers. Professional Experience: IV. Duration : Preparation of method statements, Material Approval Submittals. Responsible to identify inspections and tests activities as per ITP. Conduct Audits at site to ensure QM system.

Reporting to Project Manager about Site Quality issue? Identify and raise NCR, Observations as per condition. Duration : 2 Years. Responsible for the day to day Project Quality management of the Electrical Scope of Works in the project. Conduct Quality Audits in subcontractor site office to ensure QM system.

Monitor the work done and ensure all outstanding installation snags are completed prior to commencement of pre commissioning and commissioning. Coordinate with testing and commissioning Agency for preparing Testing formats, Test plans, Testing Procedures for pre commissioning and commissioning activities accordingly. Location : Chennai, India. Ensures the availability and usage of the materials at site to specified requirements, with minimum wastage of materials and deploying right technicians.

Ensure Daily progress with allocated resource within stipulated Time. Manage and co-ordinate with suppliers of specialized services or equipment. Performing Inspection for all Procured materials. Father name : N. Tamil Nadu, India. Declaration: All details furnished above are true to the best of my knowledge. I will be solely responsible for any discrepancies in these details. Yours truly,. All Product are good,i had purchase many things from this site. Hello, I am very glad to received my orders. It reached me very fast. Thank you Mantra for the beautiful products..

My return button is inactive. More than 29hours passed after delivery. I want to return the product what can I do now? I want to return my order,no , code and code, my phone is not responding, please help. For example I order three sarees worth RS but in market it cost around they are cheaters. This is the worst experience from buying it from you.

It not even worth paying RS for that jeans. Second thing the pictures what you see on the site is the edited one which completely looks different once you receive it Pattern will be the same.

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And the worst part when i am trying to return it by clicking that option it ask me for a bar code. When i enter the bar code it says it invalid code. Even tho the toll free dosen work. I will follow up this mail and the link to get a reply soon from myntra. Hi,this worst experience with myntra.

If the exceutiv rejects after watching this shirt then how could I keep with me eventually I received defective originally. Myntra is so cleaver and they harras people gradually. Vry poor service…i have not got my refund back …nd ur cc no is always bsy…. Sir i ordered one top as i find size issue even after exchanging it 3 times. I always get same size of XL,L,M. I want to return the product. Pls help. I bought a pair of shoes from you which I did not find satisfactory in quality n returned on 27th Jan I have not received the refund till date.

I tried calling on ur costumer care no. But it is always busy. Please do the needful. I m working in 3 locations. I have return my product 5 days ago and according to delhivery status it has reached to its destination city maharashtra but i have not got my refund which is very disappointing….

I have received my product before 5 march but my orders still showing in shipped what is the problem and i have to exchange my product. The product which i buying that was different from my orders please see this matter as soon as possible. Courier boyz of myntra Lucknow centre are so rude towards their customers. Myntra provide very bad hospitality. They are fraud they take money online and they refuse to take retun as well as any refund they are big frauds.

Bad experience order not delivered but marked delivered i have order 4 items but my blue checked sneakers is not delivered but in order status showing delivered. I m not able to see my phonepewallet option. I have some balance In it. I want to place some order. So pls do need ful. Issue is there, Frequently we are facing problem from your side. Order confirmation is not happening, While confirming we are getting dialogue like sorry we cannot be delivered to this pin code.

I am regular buyer of this site. Look in to this seriously and reply us why this happening frequently. I have not recive product.. Deliverd mesage. Where is my product mintra… Argent product.. Payment got debited from my card but order was not placed. I need to place the order immediately. Can you please re check and refund the amount. I wish to place the order by today itself. Expecting a quick response. My bendley sling bag order has been returned without delivering. Delivery man did not response or call back.

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Such whimsical and unprofessional conduct of delivery person has deprived me of the much awaited bag. I ordered one pair of shoes and i paid for it online but it got cancelled and till now no refund. And you are not even finding it important to solve this issue. This time myntra really disappointed,not feeling like to do shopping more.

Came to knw by tracking on myntra that its being sent via delhivery courier service.. Return number: Refund amount: Rs. This is 2nd time i raised my request for return. My daughter is purchase online 8 pieces of 2 16 by 16 inch cushion covers returned to same day till dates refund is not gettintalk to customer care on dtd 24 Jan Mr khemu 31 st Jan Mr salamat 1 st Feb Mr Pritam 2 February shuriti today Mr harsh But no solution for refund getting all above customer care executive booked complaint request taken you are requested to arrange solved problem otherwise I will go to consumer forum Media and press Req no I have order 15 days back the products, no agent till now contacted me to deliver the whole order or any single item , when i check order status on app it say for whole order that wrong number, item returned to origin.

And I can see the right number in adress i have put. What kind of service it is. I made a return request for refund with return ID I self shipped the product to Myntra and I have proof of pics which I sent them. Customer care people named puneet from escalation department declined my request saying I have sent them wrong product. How can I customer send wrong product to them with so much hectic procedure. I was cheated before this incident through same way for a shoes I ordered.

Myntra is now cheating customers. I regret to inform I will never buy products from Myntra and suggest my friends and relatives to stop buying your products through social networking sites. I am having proof of my product and will move to court for cheating customers regularly. Customer service so poor. I have a very very bad experience with Myntra. I had order 2 formal shirts on 5-Jan and even after a month I have not received it. Debit Card swiped twice by delivery man and paid double. Complained instantly.

Talked several times over phone and mailed multiple times. Each time claiming different documents. Till date, money not refunded. Will not purchase from Myntra in future. Worst possible experience with this company. Please refund the amount as early as possible or send the products at the earliest. The amount was deducted from my SBT net banking. And there is no way to contact them, their number is always not reachable plus the email service is always down.

I have also not received the amount in my account till yet. There is no way to reach them there is only one number they have that also comes engage everytime. The website email is also not working. My first experience was bad it was cancelled by them after i called up to know my order status. Still later I placed another order it too got cancelled. The app itself is not updated as to know the stock and after placeing order after few days it gets cancelled since it cannot be completed.

I ordered a sweater and a jacket from mantra. Bt I did not like both the items after its delivery. So I returned both of them. I am very disappointed.

Myntra.Com Office Contact Address, Phone Number, Email ID

This is very unexpected and bad service from myntra. I dont know when your executive called me bcoz i have not received any call from courior boy. Infact when i received massage from myntra that your product is out for delivery i called to courior boy that when he supposed to come and he said he will be there by 2pm or 3 pm, i kept waiting whole day but no call from him.

Then i called him around 4pm and asked for product delivery he said he has already left, now product will be delivered tomorrow. Now tell me where i missed, i kept waiting and end of now i getting your mail that product cancelled as i was not available. My return was picked up on 9th January.

I got their one msg at on 14th jan for that order, that time i was in delhi. I m moving from delhi to my hometown to take the delivery at 20th jan but still its the day 22th jan i saw my order status of product is rejected. M shocked and think what are you doing with customer….. I ordered this to gift someone, but you all made this disaster.

From Gireesh Kumar. A NSS Hr. Ref : Order No : Invictus Men black and brown reversible leather belt. I have purchased a belt from Myntra as per order number cited above. All my registered addresses are at the district centre and all these addresses I had got delivery and also got exchange from Myntra Logistics on previous occasions. This product was also delivered at the address in the Kannur University.

Now I am not sure about the logic of denial of exchange at the address at which it was delivered. Now I request you to let me know the other possible alternatives to get the product exchanged, including self-shipping. Hope you to respond promptly. I remain. Hi myntra This is regarding nike shoes order, which is not delivered by you.

You are saying that your delivery agent has tried calling me but could not contact is false claim as I have good mobile connection. Also your rules say that you try three times before reverting the order, and its not possible that he could not contact me ,and also couldnot find my address. I think you have got a problem and unable to send the product at sale price that is why you are using foul tactics without sending the order in first place.

My contact info is accurate I am completely disappointed with myntra. Send me the product at same price at which I have ordered. If you do not solve my problem I am going to complain in National Consumer Forum, and if need be can also file a suit against myntra Thank you Order Id If you do not solve my problem I am going to complain in National Consumer Forum, and if need be can also file a suit against myntra in court. Thank you Order Id This is very pathetic experience with Myntra that my 2 orders , were cancelled and informed at the time of delivery of the product. Expected date for delivery was 17th Jan and yesterday on 20th I am getting mail for cancellation of the order.

If the product was out of stock then why it was showing available while booking the order. I had booked the order on 5th Jan and I was waiting for the delivery since 15 days. Myntra should compensate for this unsatisfactory behavior and I should get the free coupon which can be redeem without spending a single penny. As I am a regular customer of Myntra and this experience will effect the brand value of Myntra. Myntra Return Return no. But both of the times, I checked with security office and my own CCTV to find actually no myntra person approached to pickup the product.

Even I called the person Sandeep on 20th Jan and he committed that he would product at 8PM I have phone recording of that conversation. Could myntra explain such insincere and manipulative approach which wasted my time or should I take this issue to some appropriate forum? I have place one order on 31st dec order num : ML how its possible without any msg or call.

Refer to my order of sports shoes of adidas men blue MANA bounce.. Order no. You can pay Rs. In case you choose to pay by cash, please note that as per govt. Track your order at You guys are a fraud company sending me size 7 shoes instead of my order of size 9, labeling it as size Orion Edutech, an NSDC partner company, is a premier Skill Development and Manpower Services Company devoted to human resource management especially staffing and recruitment solutions since Our vision is to be the most admired and trusted corporate solutions provider.

We are already tie up with Wipro , TCS, Mphasis, Concentrix etc many company right now, Our company wants to tie up also with your company. We found this in naukri. For that I cant communicate. Hello, I am Sachin Yadav from hindu college,delhi university.. In which popular celebrities like Malini Awasthi folk singer ,Ravikishan bhojpuri actor ,Sambit Patra poltician.. So we want sponsorship.. So we request to you plz sponsored our event.. Thank you. I ordered Nike shoes and after waiting for 16days I got a message that your order has been cancelled. They didnt contact me before cancelling it..

Now when I call customer care they are telling me to place the order again with the hiked price. I want to exchange my basketball shoes for next size i. Also customer care number of mynta is also not working how ridiculous. Its been more than 15days completed given my order. This is really a bad service at myntra. My Order number is ML and delivery time is shown on 16th jan which above the date. Shoukd i cancel my order. Should i cancel my order its 17th jan. Order number is ML Very bad delivery service. Myntra customer care phone is always busy, I ordered on 7th of Jan and today 17th still not getting my order.

Myntra app showing shipment is out for delivery from last 3 days. My refund has not been credited it has been more than 10 days custumer care executive informed refund has been initiated on 4 jan but till now it is not reflecting in my account. Very poor service. I am unable to return leather black hand bag vide return no. No pickup man has come and ph no. Shamir Chowdhury. And my order no is I have placed an order Id , on 31st Dec, and found very disappointing service from you..

Since it was my first experience ,I found it worst.. The worst I must say.. Expected delivery was till 12th Jan which is already crossed.. No call no intimation nothing.. That too in pre payment.. Really disappointings service I dnt want that product cancel my order n process for refund.. My order no I have requested for refunds due to size issue. The box in which shoes has recevied was completely damaged and not having to return. As per schedule it was to be despatched on 9th. From tracking menu I understand that it has not yet been despatched.

Have order 1 boot online, but the amount have been deducted twice. Meine ek product order krke cancel kra par paise vapis hi nhi a rhe haI na hi myntra help line number koi kaam krta hai. When I downloaded the app and signed into myntra. I would also like to know if I am going to place an order for five items and if each is supposed to arrive on different days as shown in expected delivery date and if am opting for COD, am I supposed to pay separately for each item?

If so, how? Sir I ordered item code no. I received item code no. I tried using the Myntra app to return it but it is not working. Hope you will do something about the problem. Dear Team, I wanted to return two of my order I am not be able to cancel it plz help me to do it. I am unable to Purchase anything from your Myntra App. Everytime I click on Process to payment … it shows waiting and than it doesnt process further. I have reinstalled my app twice but still it doesnt help.

Where is the product right know. I have placed an order for blackberrys shirt on 5th January and selected the option for Card payment but Myntra has arranged delivery with another courier company which is pathetic in service and only demands for Cash. There communication standards are also not as per industry norms and I feel very disappointed with such services rendered.

Whats the problem? I have placed an order for blackberrys shirt on 5th January and it has not yet been dispatched from your place. Please resolve it. I want to return my order but pick up date is very delayed so plz i request to u pick up my product earlier. Hi Team Myntra, I have placed an order on 31st december ,order id — Tracking number — but its not yet delivered and its showing in the mobile app that product is delivered, on 4th january i got the message that product is undelivered after that i have not received any message or call of delivery boy.

You guys are claiming that product is delivered at my office address on 7th january i. If you guys are claiming the same then how can you deliver my product to someone else without prior information.. So now my concern is i need my money back or kindly deliver my product asap. It has been placed on 5th january but it has not been dispatched yet estimated dispatching date was 13th jan,…I have placed my order which needs to be Delivered urgent this is my order number:Order number: It has been placed on 4th january but it has not been dispatched yet estimated dispatching date was 6th jan.

I have placed my order which needs to be Delivered urgent inspite of calling customer care no urgency service is pathetic Order no is I forgot my username and password can u help me please I need to track my order and use the copens. I could find the option in the website.

Tried reaching customer support number but invalid. Please requesting u to fixed all of issues others. Becoz it is the same issues of mine. May I request you to resolve this issue and ensure that the product is delivered to me at the earliest. I wish to inform you this kind of irresponsible behaviour from the dlhvery people is not acceptable to me and I want the product delivered to me without any further delay.

I also wish to inform you that I am not ready to accept any excuses in this regard as I have not faulted anywhere. I have had a similar bad experience with myntra in past also which was reported to your customer support department regarding Allen Solly footwear. Waiting for quick response in terms of prompt delivery. While ordering in this eors evertime there was a statement that there is an issue creating an order of the product and finally it became out of stock.

Also my money was deducted twice and order too is not placed. I am very disappointed on last year EORS sale and this year also…because on last year EORS you has been open the cart of NEW customers before 10 min and this year you have done blunder with your customers.. I has the VIP pass. I got nothing that i added in my wishlist. Everything was out of the stock the minute sale started. Chutiya banaya. Samr here. Very disappointed becoz of this…that after taking a vip pass.. And adding a wushlist… Seeing order and want to buy..

But you did very bad that u not havimg a suggest of tat product. Not one moremore of the others product have result same. So please.. Kindly grant fixed this problem. Despite the right address you are failed to deliver my order no. It is very disappointing. Even your agent did not bother to call me. Return my cash in my account as no shoes has been delivered to me. Order id : Worst ever delivery i have faced. I ordered on dec 23 but till now there is no update. Ordered on dec But till now there is no update.

Most worst delivery ever faced. Till now i did nt received any update from them. Please note that the earring ordered was damaged when received hence request you to return the amount. Kindly note that my order number is Misleading, cheating, careless service, lack of cashless shoping, disrespectful with customers and lot more. Unfortunately, first and last and worst experience with Myntra. None of them has been delivered to me. Today delivery guy came with item, saying no card accepted, only cash. OK, I managed.

What is the use of try n buy scheme? I contacted Service centre. Employees are not allowed to try clothes in office? You should mention these things on your Ads too. Sir my order no is this product not deliver my address and the courier boy phone is switched off…. Sir plz ans order delivered hoga ya nhe.

I have redeemed my gift card in myntra website and while making excess amount payment transaction is declined due to technical error. Order is not confirmed but gift card amount is redeemed. Customer care executive saying amount is credited back to same gift card. But if I am checking then balance of gift card showing zero balance. What I should do? Whom I should contact?

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Rest, very nice products. I have ordered one pair of shoe and Two t-shirts. My order is delaying as per given time… I m so frustrate right now… Whats wrong. With u myntra. The items were delivered on But the jackets were found to be out of choice. But till today no body came to my office address to pick up the jackets. In contrast, I received 3 missed calls from one Mr Mandal by am, but he hesitated to come to collect the items while phone contact was made from my side.

Surprisingly, from 21st December to till today, I received regular messages expressing inability to collect the return order from Myntra side. I am really surprised to get such poor response from Myntra staff. I hope Myntra will take promo action to execute the return order so that my daughter can place fresh order against the cancellation.

Contact numbers are not in use? I have placed order before 4 days, but not shipped yet. Delivery date is tomorrow. I gave my card details while creating a account in Myntra, without ordering any product my money has been deducted from my account , I am trying to contact them but the customer care number is incorrect,. Refund was initiated on 9 dec and still it is not credeited to my bank account. Return my Refund asap. The product was supposed to reach me on 21 Dec and I have still not got the same.

Nobody at the customer care knows where the order is. This is Pathetic and insane.

Astrologer Mani Sarma

I have placed a order for SDL by Sweet Dreams code no ,order no order placed on tuesday dec 20,… I received the order today ie 21 dec and to my surprise the order was not complete the capri of the nightsuit was missing.. I have called and placed for return with immediate effect…also updated on your page on contact us…. I am not happy at all that I have tried to used my gift voucher the transaction got stuck while receiving the otp msg and after that when I tried it is showing as amount 0. I raised a ticked in Myperks now they are saying to check for refund I need to contact u guys..

N to get in contact with u guys its very difficult The request no is This would be last time I would be buying something from stupid site of myntra Now work on my refund.. Have been trying to send an email for refund. Dear Myntra, Your catalog promises timely delivery, and my bank confirms that amount Online Payment has been debited. However, I am concerned because my order has not dispatched yet in site shows will dispatch on 16th Dec, Hi, I made an order from your site but due to size issues.

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Hi, I made an order from your site but due to size issues I had to return it. The product has been picked but I have not received my amount back. I kindly request you to make the refund asap. Respected sir, I Thejawelie chielie have ordered a shoe from your website Myntra few days back , unfortunately it was bigger so i requested an exchange but i am unable to provide the shoe box as it was already damaged and in pieces when i received it as such i have disposed of it so i kindly request you to review my request and help me exchange my shoe for a smaller one.