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Geminis, Libras, and Aquariuses especially thrive with this energy, but Virgos, Sagittariuses, and Pisces could find this transit leaving them out of breath! Venus in Taurus made you focus more on the physical component of your love life and was very materialistic.

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This is ALL mutable venus signs except virgo. Virgo venus is more like "is it possible to never fall in love because nobody is perfect enough to reach my incredibly unrealistic expectations?

Gemini Nature

With the mutable, flexible energy of Venus in Gemini, this transit is all about meeting as many new people as possible and connecting with the ones who fascinate you the most. That being said, if you start seeing someone you vibe super well with, you can ride this out until Venus is in sensitive, home-oriented Cancer, which is waaay better for grounding LTRs.

The moon, your financial planet, will undergo two eclipses this year — mark your calendars for January 21 and July Lunar eclipses herald endings and finality, but, with every loss comes a new understanding of how to move forward, Gem. You can stay prepared for anything by accepting the fact of change. Jupiter, your personal planet of love, started moving into your seventh house of relationships in late Your ruling planet, Mercury, is up to his usual tricks in He's hitting three retrogrades on the following dates: March 5 to 28, July 7 to 31, and October 31 to November Instead, they'll be beautiful opportunities to reconnect with your past, review old ideas, and ground yourself.

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Career The snow might not have melted at this point, but Mars will nevertheless heat things up when he visits your sign from March 31 to the 15th of May. This is an excellent time to spread the word about projects that you want to launch in the next 12 months. Neptune, your personal planet of career and the ruler of dreams, will be posted up in your 10th house all year long.

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His presence suggests that you may be hung up on unattainable goals or stuck searching for a dream job. Ornamentation from an altar cloth from 13th-century Germany.

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The two figures are depicted with the heads of dogs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the astrological sign.

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